Network Design and Implementation

If you need 2 or 20 computers networked, we can design and install a network that works for you. Need everyone to share one printer we can do that! Need to share files or have you decided you need a file server? We can help you do both. Want to go wireless? Call us.

Home Computer Maintenance

Computers need cleaned and tuned up just like vehicles. Regular Maintenance keeps your computer working for you.

Virus Removal

Almost one million virus are launched each day. Let us be your computer’s doctor and minimize you down time.

Computer Repair

It’s a fact of life electronics fail, and usually when you need them the most. We can help.

Data Transfer

Don’t start over with a new computer that has nothing on it, let us transfer your data. You won’t have to worry about losing pictures and data or how to get them from one to the other, we can do it for you.


Call us about these and other services we offer.